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 Application for lsutigermorris (cod AW)

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PostSubject: Application for lsutigermorris (cod AW)   Fri Dec 12, 2014 9:03 pm

*PS4 Platform Only*

Gamer Tag: lsutigermorris

Are you 16+ age? (Y or N)y-26

Division (Ghosts or Advanced Warfare):advanced warfare only

Mic (Y or N):yes

Can you participate in clan events (clan battles, clan operations, clan social events, practices) at least once a week? (Y or N) I have a strange schedule because I work offshore so I am very available for 3 weeks to play anytime but then I'll be away for 3 weeks I understand that is a undependable schedule but I would still like to be considered if possible.

How are you with teamwork and taking instructions? good I was very big into playing cod 2 on pc back in the day and lord many clans of my own and took the game seriously with practice recruiting and matches. I'm fairly new to console play but have got the hang of it some what. My k/d ratio is quit bad due to my son playing occasionally but I made his own account now so I'm working on that haha .

How did you find us? online searching.
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General of Army
General of Army

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PostSubject: Re: Application for lsutigermorris (cod AW)   Mon Dec 15, 2014 6:38 am

I have assigned you to Reaperz squad make sure to add me and pyrobones and we will work you into grim squad practices until we get squad staff on Reaperz!


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Application for lsutigermorris (cod AW)
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