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Welcome to Soul Reaperz CoD Clan

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 New Member Guide to the Soul Reaperz

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General of Army

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PostSubject: New Member Guide to the Soul Reaperz   Mon Nov 03, 2014 1:08 pm

Are you tired of the multi-platform multi-franchise clans? Then Soul Reaperz is for you! Our focus is for PlayStation 4 gamers on the Call of Duty franchise including Ghosts and now Advanced Warfare! As a part of the Reaperz, you will be more than just a member but a part of a friendly tight-knit community. We are all about our gaming but it's the gamers, not the K/D. We are a squad structured clan so you not only get the large clan atmosphere but also a more tailored experience with the smaller squad.

The membership requirements are:  

-Must be 16 or above
-Must be willing to commit to participating in a squad practice, clan event, clan challenge, or clan operation once a week.
-Must have a mic and use it when in game
-Active on our site
-K/D doesn't matter, just be an active member

We do have a ranking system based on activity with the clan and recommendations from Squad Leaders and/or higher ranked members.

Members Ranks


Private First Class




Staff Sergeant

Sergeant First Class

Master Sergeant

First Sergeant

Sergeant Major

Command Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major of the Army

Warrant Officer

Chief Warrant Officer 2

Chief Warrant Officer 3

Chief Warrant Officer 4

Chief Warrant Officer 5

Squad Leader and Officer Ranks

2nd Lieutenant

1st Lieutenant



Lieutenant Colonel


Brigadier General

Major General

Lt. General


General of the Army

So what happens after you apply?! What we will do is assign you to a squad that specializes in the game you are applying for. There you will be introduced to your squad leaders and squad members. Don't be shy because they won't!

Where to now? Check out the rules then go on over and register a profile then put in your application!  To do the application just start a new thread titled "Gamer Tag/Profile Name Application"

We look forward to bringing you into the Soul Reaperz!



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New Member Guide to the Soul Reaperz
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